Body Shine

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Product Overview

A Swirl/Scratch/Repair Removing Shine. One of the first DYI scratch and swirl removers. This product will remove light swirls and paint dullness. No buffer is required although results will greatly be enhanced with one. . Not only is this a paint repair solution, but this product also polishes your surface. For a longer lasting shine, enhanced it with using LiquidTech's Super Shine. This product is a revolutionary.

Body Shine replaces the need for three separate products without compromising shine or longevity. This product is a revolutionary polish and sealant in one.  More importantly, this product can be applied by hand without the need of a buffer or professional detailer This product is perfect for everyday imperfections, the kind of light blemishes that occur to daily drivers and commuter cars. These include light swirls, scratches, mild water spots, and overall dullness.  Made in USA. Available in a 8oz bottle with applicator pad.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review