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Product Overview

Professional Series -  PolishTech is a final polish that uses a technology of the finest abrasives necessary to create a glass like final finish . Our unique abrasives break down gradually as they work the finish, blending away any haze and restoring perfect clarity to the paint. This product is designed for machine application with either a dual-action or circular machine polisher

PolishTech is an ultra fine show car finishing polish designed to remove light swirls and produce exceptional depth, gloss and clarity on light and/or dark colored painted or clear-coated surfaces. Made with nano diminishing abrasives and water-based lubricants.  PolishTech will deliver a crystal clear gloss that looks and feels mirror-smooth.  Use with LiquidTech’s "maroon" polishing pad. As a final step, use LiquidTech Super Shine to create a long-lasting barrier on painted, glass, wheels, and chrome surfaces.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review