Sani Dispenser - Foam

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Product Overview

Sani Dispenser is a Hands-Free Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser that comes in either a liquid, gel or foam version. Holds a large 40 ounce (1200 mL) capacity that requires less frequent refills. Automatic, hands-free operation is more hygienic than traditional dispensers. Made of durable ABS plastic that's resistant to chemicals, heat, and impact. Dispenses quietly and features a site window to easily monitor soap levels. Includes keys to lock to prevent theft, vandalism, or tampering. Battery operated, requiring 4 AA alkaline batters (not included).  FOAM version.

Main Features:

  • Touch-free dispensing
  • 40 oz. capacity
  • Durable ADS plastic construction
  • Wall mounted • Includes lock and key
  • Site window for easy monitoring of soap/sanitizer levels
  • Battery operated (batteries not included)
  • ADA compliant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review