Sani Fogger - Sanitizer Fogging Machine 4L

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Product Overview

LiquidTech's Sani Fogger is ideal to spray surface cleaner and protectant on all surfaces. This product’s ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayer provides a portable design, large spray volume, high efficiency, time-saving and more than ever, convenient to use! Strong power, high-speed aerosol, rapid diffusion, strong penetration, save manpower. The flow rate of atomization can be adjusted arbitrarily. The diameter of the droplet with a spray diameter greater than 20um is more than 90%, and it can be suspended in the air for a long time. The ultra-low volume spray can be applied to the more viscous chemical agent, saving the agent using a corrosion-resistant medicine box, PP engineering material body, strong and durable! Sani Fogger can be used in hotels, homes, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools, theaters, public places, cars, trains, and buses..


(No reviews yet) Write a Review